Wilcaro Commercial Kitchen Solutions

Willcaro offers highly specialised services for the designing and building of commercial kitchens that take a turnkey approach to every detail of design and construction. With our approach, your commercial kitchen will be outfitted with the ideal appliances and fixtures for your operations, and will be made up of the highest quality solutions.

Commercial Kitchens (Restaurants, Hotels, Caterers, etc.)

We cater specifically to commercial kitchens such as those that form the backbone of restaurants, hotels and catering companies.

Our solutions offer everything from bakery and butchery equipment, to chefware, cleaning and washing equipment and appliances, display units as well hardware and sundries, heavy duty equipment, processing and refrigeration equipment, storage and handling, as well as utilities and smalls.

Turnkey Solutions

Our team at Willcaro will handle all stages of manufacturing and design, sourcing the correct materials and appliances, and putting it all together into a streamlined, functional, efficient and applicable kitchen that suits the specific needs and offers of your business.

3D Rendering

Our design team will help you to closely envisage the finished product of your commercial kitchen with accurate and detailed 3D renderings of the finished product. This way you can get an overview of the design to eliminate any potential drawbacks, working towards the ideal commercial kitchen for your needs.

Maintenance & Technical Support

Willcaro’s commercial kitchen solutions don’t simply end once construction is complete. We offer additional maintenance and technical support to each of our valued clients as part of our value added service. With us, you won’t only get exactly what you need from your commercial kitchen, but will benefit from ongoing maintenance and support as part of our services.

Consult, Design, Supply & Install

Your ideal commercial kitchen can be achieved in a few simple steps, carefully guided by our highly specialised staff at Willcaro. It all starts with a consultation with one of our helpful representatives who will then take you through the design process of your new kitchen. Once a design has been agreed on, we will supply all of the necessary materials and equipment and begin installing it all with professional accuracy and care.

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